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Fair pricing

Our fair instance and service pricing lets you deploy and scale apps of all sizes. Spend less time on ops and focus on development instead.

Easy deployment

A single command and your app will be uploaded, configured and started automatically. Pick the version control system you like best.

European datacenter

We host our public installation on AWS servers physically located in Europe.

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What customers have to say

“anynines development team helped me deploy a Padrino app on their machines. It's super easy to install the services you need and hook up additional machines - all in the terminal. If you want to have your data in Europe, than this cloud-service is what you need.”
Matthias Günther
Author Padrino Book, Vim User Group in Berlin
“We’re delighted to have anynines as a sponsor of the large data set platform of the cultural hackathon ‘Coding Da Vinci’. We were impressed by the speed with which anynines has appropriated our vision and delivered a matching server over night. The availability, connectivity and security of the anynines server allows us to support the participants of ‘Coding Da Vinci’ in their creative work.”
Stephan Bartholmei
Technical Project Coordination, German Digital Library


anynines is a modern hosting platform for web applications. Don't worry about hardware failure, network configuration and OS updates, we've got your back.

Cloud Foundry V2 Core

anynines is fully compliant to the Cloud Foundry Core program, designed to make cloud applications more portable than ever before.

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