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Build your own cloud with anynines

  1. How much memory do you need?

    Choose a RAM size for your application instances. Every instance of your application runs in a virtual container keeping your application safe and isolated. The amount of RAM you choose here determines the amount of RAM available in your application's container.


    per instance

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  2. How many instances do you need?

    Choose the number of application instances you want to run. They will be automagically spread across the cluster of application servers. Incoming requests will be load balanced and failing application instances restarted.

    The calculator is limited to the maximum of 128 instances for usability reasons, the actual anynines infrastructure allows you to have more than 128 instances.

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  3. Additional services

    Choose the services you need. Service instances can also be created separetely and bound to multiple applications. Applications bound to a service will know service credentials using environment variables. All you have to do is to connect to your services. No hassle with service provisioning.





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