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What is anynines?

anynines is build on top of the Open Source project Cloud Foundry. It offers Platform as a Service (PaaS) functionality hosted on European servers by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What is a Platform as a Service (PaaS)?

Platform as a Service is an evolution in hosting and running your applications. It allows you to create production ready databases and other services with one command. In addition you are able to deploy and scale your application vertically and horizontally with the same simplicity.

What will it cost?

The pricing is based on the RAM you have assigned to your application instances. For example one application instance with 64 MB RAM will cost 3.13 € per month. In regard to services we will offer different price plans depending on the service configuration, RAM and storage usage. Find more information on our pricing page.

Is there any contract duration?

You pay for what you are using. You are only charged for running applications and services.

Where is it hosted?

We are hosting on AWS servers located in Europe.

What languages/runtimes are supported?

Since we are using the well known concept of buildpacks there is no limitation for programming languages.

There are already a lot of buildpacks available: Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Node.js, Go and many more.

If you have special demands on your application environment you can write your own buildpack.

Which databases and other services can I use?

We are working on updating and implementing high availability for the services right now.

For the moment this is the list of available services:

  • PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis
  • Redis
  • ElasticSearch
  • ElasticSearch

What limitation has the trial period?

During the trial period you can use up to 1 GB of RAM and you are limited to the service plans marked as Single Small.

Can I extend the quota during the trial period?

Yes you can! You can upgrade your account to a paid account anytime by providing credit card information in our customer panel.

What happens to my account at the end of the trial period?

You will be informed twice before the trial ends so you will have the opportunity to decide to continue using anynines.

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